Susan B. Anthony

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They called her the "Champion of Lost Causes." For 50 years, Susan B. Anthony struggled to gain women the right to vote. When she died, most thought she'd failed.

And yet, the spark she lit ignited one of the greatest social uprisings of our time. Marching in Susan's name, the women of America forced the passage of the 19th Amendment, granting women the right to vote. They called it...the Susan B. Anthony Amendment.

Susan B. Anthony is the story of this courageous woman and her role in the early women's rights movement. We will meet Susan through the eyes of a young girl from our own time--a young girl who feels her life is a "lost cause."

Entering a mysterious library, this young girl is catapulted into the past. There she meets Susan B. Anthony and learns that the only "lost causes" are the ones we don't fight for.

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