Essay Topics

Ideas for Essay Topics

1. General E. A. Carr wrote of Buffalo Bill: "He is a natural gentleman in his manners as well as his character. He can take his own part when required, but I have never heard of his engaging in a quarrel where it could be avoided." Does it take courage to avoid a quarrel or fight? When and why, or why not? Discuss.

2. Brick Pomeroy, a famous journalist and critic wrote in 1885: "I wish there were more progressive educators like William Cody in this world." What in the world did he mean by that?

3. Buffalo Bill was consulted on western matters and Indian affairs by every president from Grant to Wilson. Buffalo Bill was a showman from 1873 until his death in 1917. Why did political leaders take him seriously? What kinds of advice do you think he would give?

4. In the video Bill tells Isabel that the "march of civilization is inevitable. The Indians are just going to have to change, or get out of the way." Discuss.

5. Buffalo Bill once wrote: "No scout ever hated the Indians in general." Discuss.

6. "The Indian makes a good citizen, a good farmer, a good soldier. He is a real American," said Buffalo Bill. Why did this have to be said? What would someone with an opposing point of view argue?