The Quest for Freedom:
Harriet Tubman

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Booklist - Youth Video of the Year & Starred Review

Silver Screen - US International Film Festival

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Finalist in the USA Film Festival

Running Time: 34 minutes

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She was 29 years old, and a slave. She'd never been to school. Couldn't read or write. She had been beaten, abused, and humiliated.

Except for the few square miles around her home, she knew nothing of the outside world. And yet, one Spring evening in the year 1849, she boldly charged into a world she had never search of a place she'd never been...hoping to find something...she'd never known...freedom!

Her name was Harriet Tubman...they called her Moses.

In The Quest for Freedom, we meet Harriet through the eyes of a young man from our own times--a young man who has lost the courage to dream. One day he enters a mysterious library. Suddenly he's trapped in the past--a slave on a plantation with Harriet. And he discovers that without courage, there are no dreams...and without dreams, there is no future.

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