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George Washington Carver - The Peanut Man is a dramatization to launch a study to discuss how and why to make right choices. Great for Black history, American history, biographies and the sciences. Carver was a man of great character, his example sets a high standard for any student.



The Peanut Man: The Story of George Washington Carver


Drey Carter has been arrested for drugs. He's been abusing alcohol and cheating on his girlfriend. Today he'll have one last do what's right.

Over one hundred years ago, Dr. George Washington Carver was also faced with a life-changing choice. On his way to becoming rich and famous, Dr. Carver was asked by Booker T. Washington to give it all up for some people he didn't even know.

WHAT he chose, HOW he chose, and WHY he chose, inspires and encourages us to this day.

In a world ripped apart by school violence and drug abuse, Dr. Carver's simple message to today's youth stands as a lighthouse in the fog.

"Do what's matter what the cost."

THE PEANUT MAN - THE STORY OF GEORGE WASHINGTON CARVER is more than a history lesson about one of the world's premier scientists. It's about making the right choices.

Run Time: 30 minutes



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